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"Here's a warning for all of you swingers. Some advice from an average guy. If your seeing a dame who won't give you her name and she can't look you straight in the eye...She could be a spy!!! "
                                                                                                         -Michael Andrew

Swingerhead is a swing group from Orlando, FL. They play at different clubs around the area. The band is made up of extremely talented musicians. The band has the tightest horn section around and they also create perfect vocal harmony that no other swing band out there has accomplished yet.

I'm gonna say something and I want you to listen good. Swingerhead is the best band out there. They couldn't put on a better show. It was absolutely incredible!!! I saw Swingerhead on April 1st at the Pleasure Island Jazz Company. They performed four 45 minute sets. I was sitting in the front row and I was video taping their incredible performance. After the 3rd set finished, Michael walks over and asks if he could borrow my tape for a while. He was heading to New York that Sunday and he wanted to show it to people and hopefully get some widespread publicity and distribution. After all, they sure do deserve it! Then, he asked me what I was doing Friday, April 2nd. I had nothing planned. So, he invited me to see their show at a club called Rat Pack's on the Avenue (which now happens to be closed.)

Their show at Rat Pack's started at 10:15pm and consisted of three 50 minute sets. Once again, they put on an unforgettable show. I was filming from the back of the club while my friend, Mike Callahan, who I met the night before at the PI Jazz club, was filming great close-ups of the band. After the show, I went back and talked to the band and said my goodbyes to them. Then around 2:30am, I left the club to go back to the hotel. I realized when I got back that I had the tapes that Mike shot. In the morning, I called Michael and I told him that I had the tapes that he wanted. He said that he looked for them until 3:30am. I apologized to him and he said that it was no problem. I wanted to give him the tapes so he gave me the address of his house. I went to his house and I dropped off the tapes and went inside for a few minutes. He gave me some really neat pictures and reviews of the band. The neatest thing that he gave to me was a copy of their demo CD that is not released anywhere else.

On May 29th, I saw Swingerhead perform at the PGA National Resort. Steve and Chris aren't with them anymore. They left do to disagreements with the band. Nevertheless, they still put on a great show. I also got the news that Bobby is leaving early July. He will be greatly missed.

I saw Swingerhead 2 more times. Yes. 3+2=5 times that I have seen them now. They keep getting better. This time I saw them at Disney's Atlantic Dance on June 11-12. This is the best place that they have performed yet. This time up, they had Christain Tamburr with them playing the vibes and piano. From start to finish, they owned the joint. On Saturday, I spent the day at Michael's house. I was helping him make go-go stands for their gigs at the Zinc Bar on Tuesday nights. That night, I got a chance to perform two songs with them during the concert. I performed "Pick up a da Phone" and "She Could Be A Spy". It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Ok, now it's to the point where I have seen them too many times to write a review about every concert I see. After all, who is gonna read 16 concert reviews?!?! I will only do reviews every now and then.

To see some more reviews and great pictures, go to Swingerhead Page 2!!!

Check out Swingerhead's webpage at, of click on the logo at the top of the page. It's a great site!!!

Michael ‘Swingerhead’ Andrew
Paul Roth
Tim Keehn
EJ Hughes
alto/tenor sax, clarinet
Dan Boise
alto/tenor/bari sax, clarinet
Kevin Palacky
Vernay Reindollar
upright bass
Roger King, Jr.
Christian Tamburr
vibes, piano
Here is a picture from backstage of myself with Michael.
Two wild and crazy guys!
Here I am with Tim after the show.
Now that's choreography!!!
Here I am with the boys.
Crazy man, crazy!!!
Here I am playing with the band for the first time. (I am the one wearing the white shirt in the horn section.)
Here I am with playin' with the band on 9/4/99.
"Pick Up A Da Phone!"
Here I am with Tim playing "She Could Be A Spy" as a duet.
Mr. Casanova himself.
The aftermath of "Let's Rendezvous".
Vernay takes a solo.
Kevin strummin' his 6-string.
Mike spotted Christian in the crowd on 9/4 and asked him to play a little somthing.
Mike's got a world that swings.
Mike made the cover of Swing Time Magazine. Here is my signed copy.
Here is what I had the band sign.
Michael Andrew
Overnight Success
Out of Date
Mickey Swingerhead and the Earthgirls
She Could Be A Spy
The Big Demo