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Mirror on the wall, who's that hot band in the hall? It's the Squirrel Nut Zippers! The Zippers have a distinctive sound like no other group out there. They like to play "hot" jazz. "Hot" jazz originated in the 1920's and is consisted of ragtime and dixieland charts. On their latest recordings, "Perrenial Favorites" and "Christmas Caravan", they go back to their roots from Chapel Hill, N.C. and they play music that has a country feel to it. At the same time it has a swingin', almost phsycodellic sound to it.

They have fun playing their music and it shows. It doesn't matter if you can hit every note. What matters is if you make it sound fun. Let me assure you, this is fun music! You'll be tappin' your toes and singin' along with their recordings when you hear them. The band is very entertaining.


The new recording Bedlam Ballroom is a must! Also, updates coming soon on their 2001 Sunfest performance in West Palm Beach, FL!

James Mathus
vocals, trombone, guitar
Katharine Whalen
banjo, vocals
Chris Philips
Tom Maxwell
guitar, vocals, percussion
Ken Mosher
alto & baritone sax, guitar, vocals
Stewart Cole
string bass
Je WindenHouse
Roasted Right
The Inevitable
Sold Out
Perennial Favorites
Christmas Caravan