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Royal Crown Revue
This band is hoppin' and a gangster boppin' their way through the swing circuit. Ever since the movie The Mask came out, people have had the song "Hey Pachuko" playing in their heads. They are what I like to call "power" swing. They have flashier numbers than all of the other groups out there. Although their songs are not quite as easy to dance to, they are sure near the top of my list of swing groups today.
I had the good fortune of seeing Royal Crown Revue in concert. They put on a good show. The best people to watch up on stage are Eddie and James. Eddie doesn't stop dancing on the stage. He even does a split at the end of the show. I must say that James is one of the best swing jazz guitarists around right now. His solos were incredible to say the least.
On November 7th, I saw this group for my second time at the House of Blues in Orlando, Fl. Then on November 8th (The very next day!) I saw RCR perform again at the Carefree Theatre in West Palm Beach, Fl. Once again it was unbelievable!!!
Before RCR went on stage a swing group called Alien Fashion Show performed. WOW!!! They were phenominal! To learn more about the group, go to my AFS page.
New RCR Album out!!! It's entitled Walk on Fire and it is hot! They took a different approach to it. It isn't quite as hard edged as their other recordings, but it is not to be missed. Go out and get Walk On Fire today!!!
Royal Crown Revue
Eddie Nichols
Mando Dorame
tenor sax
Bill Ungerman
baritone sax
Scott Steen
James Achor
Veikko Lepisto
Daniel Glass
Here is a shot of Eddie at Pleasure Island.
Here's another picture of Eddie being goofy.
James, the best guitar player I've ever heard.
Go Mando!!!
The picture reads...
To John, my partner in crime.
Eddie Nichols '98
I got these autographs at Virgin Records after they performed in Orlando.
Kings Of Gangster Bop
Mugsy's Move
Caught In The Act
The Contender
Walk on Fire