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"What we do is wild and swingin', Forties music with a Nineties twist."
                                                                                         - Scotty Morris                                                                      

If you want swing, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy will give it to ya. They are by far the best neo-swing group out there. Every song you can dance to. They have been around since 1992. They weren't nationally recognized until 1996 when they appeared on the hit movie Swingers. Everything about them grasps the feel and the authenticity of the swing groups from the 40's. From the old style microphones to the pinstripe suits, this band is swingin' baby!!!

I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform 2 songs (Mr. Pinstripe Suit & Mambo Swing) at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Fl. on January 2nd. It was really neat to actually see them in person. They put on a good show (even though I'm pretty sure that it was pre-recorded music that they played over the speaker system). I had problems seeing them sometimes. They were hard to see because there were hundreds of dancers on the field. Also, they shot off lots of fireworks and they let off too much friggin' smoke, making the band hard to make out. Oh well, at least I got a chance to see them in person. I saw the greatest show that I've ever seen in my life at Gulfstream Park on Feb. 20th. I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!!! It was absolutely incredible to say the least. The band really brought the house down. I got to meet the band before and after the show. Once again I got everybody's autograph and I took lots of pictures. You're not gonna believe this, but it's true. Scotty dedicated a song to me! He said, "Ok now we're going to play a song off of our latest album and the song is called Mr. Pinstripe Suit. This is going out to my buddy John over there." He pointed to me. I was sitting about 10-15 feet away from the stage and the whole concert sounded great. Before the show, I won a BBVD trivia game up on stage and I got $10. After the show, I got my picture taken with the whole band in front of their tour bus. I talked to Jeff and Dirk for about 20 minutes and they are so nice to talk to. No group out there would take so much of their time and spend it with their fans. I gave the whole band my website buisness card so maybe sometime in the future their name may be in my guestbook!

Now it's time for some good news and some bad news. Bad News: Jeff Harris has left the band and he is off doing his own thing. There was no big fight or anything, Scotty just said it was time for a change. I'll leave it at that. Good News: "This Beautiful Life" is out and it's great. They took a new approach to it and it's a definate for any swing collection.

I got a chance to see BBVD again. This time they were at Disney's Pleasure Island. Their show was good before, but they pack a real punch with the new horn players. They played for almost two hours. Great show!!!

Check out Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's website at, or click on their logo at the top of the page.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Scotty Morris
vocals, guitar
Kurt Sodergren
Dirk Shumaker
upright bass, vocals
Joshua Levy
Glen "The Kid" Marhevka
Karl Hunter
alto and tenor saxes, clarinet
Andy "Lucious" Rowley
bari sax, vocals
{Coming Soon}
{Coming Soon}
lead trumpet
Scotty gettin' the crowd jumpin' at the Orange Bowl.
Hey Scotty, what's it gonna be?.
The BBVD horn section.
Here I am standing with Scotty.
What?! I can't get an autograph?!?!
Dirk, the nicest person I've ever met.
Hey Kurt, why don't you wear a hat?
Kid, the shy one.
Karl, the greatest sax player in the entire world.
Andy, the loudest bari sax player around.
Jeff, the Mambo Swinger himself.
Josh, the ivory tickler.
Here I am giving Dirk the buisness card for my website.
I talked to Jeff for the longest time.
Here, Scotty is telling me to wait out by their bus for a group picture.
Here I am with BBVD in front of their tour bus.
Here, Dirk is acting goofy.
Here is a picture of my BBVD mail order sheet autographed by Scotty...
Here are autographs I got from the whole band.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Whatchu' Want For Christmas?
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Americana Deluxe
This Beautiful Life