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There ain't nothing in this world like Alien Fashion Show. This group catches crowds by suprise when they perform. They play fast paced, in your face swing, and they also play slow tunes. The band is lead by Eldon Daetweiler. He is a truly phenominal trumpet player with a mellow, smooth voice. The band also does some neat moves up on stage. Eldon likes to spin his trumpet on his finger before he sets it down. The trombone and sax player like to jump around and move back and forth during a song. And last but not least, Jeff Alan likes to spin his bass around. It's tons of fun to watch!

I saw this group perform before Royal Crown Revue on November 7th at the House of Blues in Orlando and at the Carefree Theatre in West Palm Beach on November 8th. After I saw them at the House of Blues, I saw Eldon at the bar so I walked up to him with something to sign. When I asked him where the band was, he took me backstage to a room with the band members. They were so nice to me. I hung out with them for a while and I told them that I would be at the show the next night.

After they performed at the Carefree, I went to the side of the stage to talk to them. I didn't talk to them. They talked to me!!! It was as if they've known me for years. We talked for a while and then I sat down to enjoy the rest of the show. It was an unbelievable expierience!!!

3. Yes. 3. I have officially seen Alien Fashion Show 3 times. They just keep getting better. This time I
saw them on January 19th at the South Florida Fair. I had front row seats. I got there early so I went
back to see if I could talk to the group and once again, Eldon came to the rescue. He took me backstage
to chat with the guys. The show was great once again. It was a little different this time because they had
a trumpet player that was not there before. He added another level of wackiness to the performance. I got some more autographs this time and I also took some pictures.

Check out Alien Fashion Show's website at, or click on the logo at the top of the page.

Alien Fashion Show
Eldon Daetweiler
vocals, trumpet
Jeff Daetweiler
"Junkyard" Todd Thurman
Kenji Saito
Jeffrey Alan
Lance Jams
Tim Izo
tenor saxophone
Here I am standing with part of the group.
Here I am with Eldon.
Eldon and I make a wacky pose.
Tim sneaks a peak into my picture with Eldon.
Here is a shot of Alien Fashion Show.
Here blows the horn section.
Eldon and Junkyard Todd wail.
The horn players also sing backup.
Here is the king of cool himself. Eldon.
Slap that bass!!!
Eldon takes a breather to watch Jeff play.
Lance is the man!!
Eldon playin' the old oak tree.
Let's give it up for the "Oak Tree Dancers"!!!
The one and only Alien Fashion Roll.
Here is what I had the band sign at the House of Blues.